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It all started pretty innocently. I was playing around on TikTok (don’t judge me) and someone asked, “What is something you’ll get a lot of hate for if you say it out loud?”

My answer?

“Right-handedness is one of the worst kinds of supremacy out there.”

The response was overwhelming. As I write this, the video has been seen 115,000 times and retweeted 1,500 times, has roughly 200 direct comments, and has been liked more than 2,500 times.

I clearly touched a nerve.

“Right supremacy” is a phrase I’ve used half-jokingly for some time. Between it sounding close enough…

Photo courtesy Roy Wood Jr.

Roy Wood Jr. is the kind of guy who makes everyone comfortable. He has a talent for making strangers feel as if they grew up with him on his street in Birmingham, Alabama. Even if you have dissimilar viewpoints and values, you’d still want to sit and have a beer with him. It’s part of how Wood has been able to spend his career tackling difficult topics. It’s also why the 42-year-old comedian has remained busy, even in the midst of a pandemic.

In addition to being a correspondent on The Daily Show, Wood recently launched Roy’s Job Fair, a…

What Now? is a video series I have created to discuss relevant cultural issues. The videos are short (under three minutes) and shot in vertical format for mobile users. I’m posting them to Medium to test how well multimedia content will perform on this platform.


So, can we talk about white women's tears? Cause it’s been a thing over the last 24 hours.

Intro Music

Do you all remember this trend?

Yeah. Something about white women crying on cue and mass reminds me of a Jordan Peele Movie.

Imani Barbarin explains why. This whole thing is problematic.

What Now? is a video series I have created to discuss relevant cultural issues. The videos are short (under three minutes) and shot in vertical format for mobile users. I’m posting them to Medium to test how well multimedia content will perform on this platform.


So can we talk about the treatment of black creators on TikTok? Because it’s a real problem.

Intro music

So I’m going to start this off with something I tell people all the time. You’re as relevant as you are useful. Keep that in mind. …

It’s officially sundress season. There are few things more enticing than a sundress. In a world of constant explicitness, the windswept silhouette of the sundress puts the suggestion back into suggestive. The adoration of the sundress lies in the seen and unseen.

Seeing a sundress in the wild is a gift for everyone. But, like anything else, there are those who either through selfishness, ignorance, or both ruin that gift for everyone.

As a lifelong New Yorker, I have been harassed on the street by men. I can say for a fact that it is neither fun nor endearing. I…

Your art doesn’t care about your nine to five conditioning.

I struggled this week. I didn’t write anything. I didn’t resume any projects. I didn’t record any videos. I didn’t take any decent photos. It was stressful. More accurately it was depressing.

For the last year and a half, I have been a full-time content creator. My wife and I have sustained ourselves largely through writing and editing. We also podcast and do bits of video when we can.

I spoke to my wife, who is also my business and creative partner. I explained that I was feeling a way…

If I had to read them, so do you.

In my experience, the comments on Medium are the most palatable of just about any media platform. If YouTube is the five-hundredth ring of hell then Medium is some form of purgatory.

Alas, it’s still the internet.

So in this series, I want to look back on the stories I have written on and for Medium and review some of the worst comments left by readers.

Why? Well, I think it will be a fun way to look back on what I have done on this platform. I am proud of…

I had someone reach out to me recently asking me to consult on creating a new content strategy for themselves. Beforehand they sent me a YouTube channel with a couple hundred videos. The videos were interviews with different A-list actors from various press junkets. The videos were run and gun quality at best. Some of it shot with cellphones. The client was trying to figure out how to repurpose all of this content into something engaging.

I looked at those videos for a couple of days. I tried to figure out a way for my client to create new value…

How a year of confinement allowed me to learn to be good at something new and, more importantly, what I didn’t need to be creative.

The first camera I bought was supposed to be a way to upgrade my wife’s weekly Facebook live. Then I bought a second camera, then a fourth.

It was roughly a year ago when my accidental pandemic hobby became a thing. I was desperate to get outside and do, well, anything really. The occasional run was fine, but I could only run for so long. Bikes were impossible to come by. …

With the platform’s latest pivot, I need to figure out its value. And mine.

I have been writing steadily on Medium for about a year and a half now. When I started, I dibbed and dabbed as I tried to figure out what this platform was and how I wanted to use it. I eventually ditched my blog and decided to use Medium as my “home”. It was an obvious choice. …

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