My Black YouTube Champions

From comedy to commentary, these creatives are among the best doing it.

Platforms like YouTube are generally treasure troves of great Black created content. From skits filmed on cellphones to global icons who have made YouTube the home for their content, Black Youtubers drive internet culture in a very significant way. These are a few of my favorites.

Whether it's skits about Anime, Marvel, or the NBA, the crew at RDCworld1 never miss a beat. The guys most recently went viral with their spoofing of Lebron James’ learning of James Harden being traded to the Nets. Lebron himself retweeted the skit.

Marquess Brownlee is the undisputed king of tech. Having reviewed technology since 2009 when he was in high school he has amassed over 13 million subscribers. His insights on consumer technology and the industries driving it make him a must-follow for technophiles.

At the ripe old age of twenty-two, D’Angelo has built a reputation for being an amazing pop-culture commentator. His millennial moralism (something that we can use more of despite the moaning of my “get off my lawn” brethren) is informative, thought-provoking, and most importantly entertaining.

Primm’s reviews of movies like The Wood, Boyz In The Hood, and Love and Basketball are in many ways as classic as the movies themselves. A mix of goofy hot takes and inciteful observation. Whether it’s a movie you have seen a hundred times or something you don’t mind spoiling, Primm is an awesome rabbit hole.

There are a ton of sneaker reviewers on YouTube but Jacques is possibly among the most versatile. While much of the sneaker related content on YouTube is laser-focused on sneakers and sneaker culture (not a bad thing) Jacques mixes pop culture and sports commentary in a way that makes this trinity very satisfying.

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