My Very Few Thoughts On Dave Chappelle.

Shane Paul Neil
1 min readOct 5, 2021

Dave Chappelle’s latest (and final?) comedy special “The Closer” premiered on Netflix today. The comedian took this opportunity to double and triple down on his thoughts on race, gender, and sexuality — his opinions and jokes on these subjects have left many people raw.

Chappelle’s Netflix curtain call has brought me to a point of realization of the comedian and his body of work since his reemergence into the spotlight.

1) He is a brilliant comedian and a generational talent.

2) What he does on stage is art.

3) Art can be complex nuanced and masterful and still lack value. A long and winding road to nowhere still leads nowhere.

4) What Dave has mastered is the ability to build a Rube Goldberg Machine designed to make you sit on a whoopee cushion. It’s extremely elegant but ultimately useless.

5) There are those who believe that the whoopee cushion is the pinnacle of comedy and are fine with shoving anyone onto that whoopee cushion regardless of how (in)appropriate that may be.

6) Dave has found a home with those obsessed with the whoopee cushion. In that home, there is unlimited money and accolades. He’s never leaving.



Shane Paul Neil

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